Nostalgia with Sum 41

Hi guys!

I know it’s been a few a days that I wrote a new post, but I have to blame my exams for that! They’re all done now and I’m waiting for the results, soooooo time for another post! On the page “Hi, I’m Michelle”, you can read that I love music and concerts. Yesterday, on March 10th, I had two exams in one day. After I finished them, it was time to get ready and leave to celebrate with an amazing legendary band: Sum 41. They are currently touring with their European tour: “Don’t call it a Sum-back tour”

I was like 12 years old when I started to get to know Sum 41. You could say that I’ve been a fan for 10 years now. Even though I had seen them once before, I was so excited for this night.

After a one hour drive and a search for a parking spot, we arrived. I’m such a small person and mostly I have troubles seeing the stage, as I don’t wanna be packed in the front row. But this venue was great. It had some kind of stairs so the venue “increases”. We had great spots, and very soon we noticed a small second stage right in front of us.

9 p.m. Lights out. Music. Canvas fell down. There they were! I was over the moon. Very soon Deryck picked some fans out of the audience to come and watch the whole  show on the side of the stage. Lucky ones! They fluently shifted between songs and I didn’t realize even for a minute that they aren’t that young as in the beginning anymore. They were AMAZING! My favorite song was played rather soon during the set; Underclass hero. But they didn’t bore me for a second, not even during solos. During “Makes no difference”, Deryck disappeared from the stage and showed up on a B-stage: a very small, intimate stage in the middle of the venue, right in front of me and my friends, only a few steps lower. Off course, I ran downwards and in less than a minute, I stood right in front of him, against the fence. He finished the song and went on with “With me”.

Deryck on the B-stage during “With me”.

The show went on and sadly came to an end after one and a half hour. They finished with  “Pain for pleasure” in a very unique way. They left the stage and came back, dressed up like glam rockers and stuff. It was a really cool and unexpected ending! In total they played 25 songs, which is, in my opinion, a very nice amount. The set list was the following:

  1. A Murder of Crows
  2. Fake My Own Death
  3. The Hell Song
  4. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
  5. Goddamn I’m Dead Again
  6. Underclass Hero
  7. Screaming Bloody Murder
  8. Breaking the Chain
  9. War
  10. Motivation
  11. Grab the Devil by the Horns and Fuck Him Up the Ass
  12. We’re All to Blame
  13. Walking Disaster
  14. Makes No Difference
  15. With Me
  16. The Fall and the Rise
  17. Chuck-Intro
  18. No Reason
  19. We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
  20. Still Waiting
  21. In Too Deep


  22. Crash
  23. Pieces
  24. Welcome to Hell
  25. Fat Lip
    Encore 2:
  26. Pain for Pleasure
  1. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It had been a really long time since I had so much fun during a gig. I could see everything and everyone on the stage, the music was great, I sang along every song and I had space to let myself go and jump up and down for the whole damn show. It was the perfect celebration for the end of my exams, maybe the very last I’ll ever make. This made it even better: A great concert after a very stressful day. Thank you Sum 41, for bringing me back to when I was a teenager, with black converse shoes, black eyeliner and studded belts.

I don’t want to waste my time, become another casualty of society.
I’ll never fall in line, become another victim of your conformity.

XO. Michelle 


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