Review Huda Beauty Liquids- Socialite & Vixen

Hello everyone!

A few days ago, I ordered 2 mini liquid lipsticks from Huda Beauty. I never tried this brand before but heard a lot about it, so I was very curious! Off course I tried them out immediately! For those who are interested, I’d like to share my opinion about these cute liquid lippies.


Like I already said, I ordered the mini’s and not the full version. I wanted to try them out first before I buy a full sized Huda and end up not liking it. The minis are available in sets of 4: a brown edition, a nude edition, a pink edition and a red edition. You can find them on and they cost $33 for a set. Each mini liquid contains 1,9ml / 0.064 fl.oz.

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I was most excited for the color “Vixen”: a deep dark

Vixen – Sorry for the bad quality, I had to cut the picture because my face looked awful without other make-up haha 😀 

brown color, so I tried this one first. However when I put it on, it seemed lighter than I imagined. But when you
apply more than one layer (which I totally recommend,
because otherwise the color doesn’t seem “even”), you get a darker brown, which I like very much. The color is more reddish than I expected though. I thought it would be more dark brown. But I like it anyway!





For the next one, Socialite, I also did the rest of my face for the picture haha. I have to say that I LOVE this color. It needs a few layers, but when the color totally covers your lips, it’s really a bright color, perfect for the summer. It’s shiny metallic, but not to explicit. I think I’m gonna wear this color a lot during the summer 😀



The texture of the liquids is very smooth and easy to apply. I’ve worn the lipstick for an entire evening, but it feels like they are never completely dry although they are. They stay on really well but when your lips touch, it feels sticky. That’s the only less positive thing about the liquids. The colors are really vivid and easy to apply. The lipstick doesn’t come off at all during the day and you can kiss your loved one without worrying that it leaves stains 😉 So if you can deal with some stickiness when you press your lips together, I strongly recommend Huda’s 😉

XO. Michelle 


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