Hi, I’m Michelle!

Hello everyone!

My name is Michelle and I’m saddled with the 2 other names Gerda & Michel; the name of my godmother and my godfather, who is also my grandfather and the person I’m named after. This last thing, I like. Luckily, those are just “official” and no one has to know. Oh well.
I was born on the 4th of July (yes, Independence day 👍🏻) 1994, in Belgium, Europe. So I’m 22 y/o. I’m still a student. I’m studying Management – Event Management and I’m in my final year. I’ll graduate in June, after my thesis and internship of 9 weeks.

I have brown eyes, I am 5 ft 4inch and I have  ginger genes so I am pale and I have freckles. My mom’s contribution to my appearance. My hair is naturally brown-reddish, but I’ve been dying it since I was 14 because I was bullied for being a “ginger”. Hell they don’t even know what a real ginger is. And for the record, gingers are awesome and so beautiful. I’ve had it all: bright red, black, dark brown, purple, pink, ginger, blonde… I gave up on unnatural colors now. Too much work.

I have a cat; Zorba. He’s a ginger and sometimes I think it’s true what they say that gingers have no soul. But then again, he can be so cute and sweet. He is 13 y/o and my whole world. But he has to share with my boyfriend. And I get the feeling that the cat doesn’t always like that. Oh and he has only one eye. The cat. The cat has only one eye. It hasn’t always been like that. He’s happy tho. Lives like a king.

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I love a lot of things.
Make-up. Music. Rock ‘n Roll. Glam rock. Animals. Concerts. Friends. Family. Being spontaneous. Autumn. Summer. Winter. Spring. Sun. Snow. Rain. Clothes. Food. Writing. Spoiling my loved ones. Photography. Reading. Books. Road trips. Sleeping. Cars. Tattoos. Piercings. Bingewatching. Colors. Organizing. Coffee. Tea. Cooking. Baking. Leather. Black. Nature. Flowers. Trees. Stars. Moon. Sky. Nights. Sarcasm. Humor. Movies. Cowboy boots. Shoes. Ripped jeans. Animal print.
Why I love so many things, has a reason. Which one, you’ll find out later in one of my blogposts.

My life is just like any other I guess. So why write about it on a blog that probably no one will ever read? Idk, I just felt like it, and I like to write. So this is my lesson n°1 for all of you: if you feel like doing something, even without any reason at all, just do it. It might turn out great.

XO. Michelle 


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